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I Just Wanted To Get This off My Chest and Set The Record Straight For joeygraceffa As a Fan. In His Latest Video, He Gave Some Feedback To Some Comments And Such About How His Life Is Lived. He Goes through Anxiety And Depression and That’s Nothing To Mess With. He Does Have A Hard and Difficult Life Behind The Camera. For All Of You Fucked Up, Close-Minded, Stubborn, One-Sided Ass Bitches … Could You Just Back Off Of joeygraceffa Life And His Problems If You Don’t Have Anything Good To Say…. Thank You.

messrs. moonywormtailpadfoot, and prongs

purveyors of aids to magical mischief-makers

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Why Does James Potter Look Like troyesivan

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did you know that phill lewis (aka mr moseby) was charged with manslaughter in 1993



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reblog if you cried 

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sometimes she’s Kim K sometimes she’s Beyonce…

and sometimes she’s britney

and sometimes she’s lindsay

and sometimes she’s italian pop sensation isabella parigi

lizzy mcguire movie

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when your friends sibling is hot


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Ladies and gentleman, 21 year old twins and child stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

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Reblog if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender or a supporter.

This should be reblogged by everyone. Even if you’re straight, you should be a supporter.

I Am A Proud Supporter

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